Weapons of Warfare Ministry

President:  Nyeema Roberson
Vice President:

Our Purpose:

Is to empower and enhance the study of the Word of God through mime liturgical dance and drama.  Touching and encouraging lives that will uplift all generations through expression of the creative arts.

How we serve GMBC and the Lord:

We serve our Lord in spirit and in truth (John 4:23-24) that rings forth toward the congregation. 

Who should join:

Members and Non-Members of Goodwin Memorial Baptist Church.

What you can expect from the ministry:

Sincere dedication to the voice of God.  To spread God’s message through dance that He assigned from Heaven.  You will gain spiritual growth and individual devotion in your walk with Christ through meditation and studying God’s word. 

What we expect from you:

You are not expected to have experience in liturgical dance or mime.  We do expect you to come with an open heart to learn new ways of worshipping.

How does the ministry incorporate God’s Word:

Weapons of War missionary scripture is Ephesians 6:10-12.  It instructs the youth and young adults how God wants them to conduct themselves during our trouble times.  Dance is a powerful tool to fight back the enemy without using words, but by using our bodies and minds to conqueror darkness through worship in the dance.

When we meet:

Every 3rd Thursday of the Month.