Care & Comfort – Bereavement

President: Deaconess Doris Spriggs
Vice President:  Deaconess Patricia Campbells

Our Purpose:

To assist the Pastor and Deacon Family Ministry in ministering to bereaved members and the community at large when the need arises

How we serve GMBC and the Lord

A sympathy card is sent to all bereaved families: prayer by visitation/phone calls; closed support group curriculum when required; grief education literature upon request and an annual memorial service held in honor of deceased loved ones.

Who should join

Any male or female that has a genuine desire and commitment to comfort others during their time of need.

What you can expect from the ministry

You can expect the ministry to set up sound and audio equipment, provide maintenance and service of equipment and coordinate what services will be provided tor each activity.

What we expect from you

Unlimited ministry work with each occurrence of death requiring different skills.

How does the ministry incorporate God’s Word: 

By being a comfort to those that mourn.

When we meet

Quarterly on the second Tuesday in March, June, September and December.