President: Melvin Davis
Vice President:  Ernest Macon

Our Purpose:

The GMBC Security Staff is to serve the church by providing the congregation a safe and secure environment during Church Services and Events.

How we serve GMBC and the Lord

The Security Ministry serves GMBC and the Lord by checking the outside perimeters of the church and watching out for any suspicious activities inside or outside of the church and ensuring the safety of GMBC members and the general public in attendance.

Who should join

Any GMBC member of good standing can be a part of the security team after getting approval on criminal background and child abuse investigation checks.  Security Staff must be dedicated to accepting Sunday and weekly assignments.

What you can expect from the ministry

The Security Staff will provide any assistance as needed regarding church safety and assisting the handicapped and others in need.

What we expect from you

GMBC Security expects to receive cooperation and understanding from the congregation and general public while carrying out their duties.

How does the ministry incorporate God’s Word: 

GMBC Security will show the spirit of Christ with love in carrying out their duties.  We will be firm, respectful, polite and professional at all times.

When we meet

We meet every first Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m.