Hospitality Ministry

President:  Sheila Baylor
Vice President:  Nanette Burnett

Our Purpose:  

Is to serve God through serving others.

How we serve GMBC and the Lord:

We offer our services to each ministry in Goodwin while at the same time serving the Lord by greeting our visitors each Sunday as they enter into our house of worship.

Who should join:

Young adults and adults, men and women who are willing to serve with a heart like Jesus.

What you can expect from the ministry:

We are a fun, out going ministry that strives to serve each ministry and person in the church with a smile and a glad heart.

What we expect from you:

 We expect each person who joins this ministry to serve their fellow man in and outside of the church with gladness and just enjoy serving others. 

How does the ministry incorporate God’s Word:

By serving with a heart like Jesus.  By doing what it says in the Word serving with gladness and coming before His gates with thanksgiving in our hearts.

When we meet:

Every 1st Tuesday of the month.